March 12th

Traversing to the Legendary Place of Healing

posted by Bess Auer , March 12 at 7:40pm  

Ominous clouds of chaos resounded through my brain. Pressure walked across my shoulder blades like Xerxes’ armada of elephants.  My collar bones threatened to crumble under the weight of desperation as I drove toward Altamonte Springs. I had been told of a legendary fountain of youth, a healing place of glimmering purple light …I held out hope that this mythical house of worship would provide the relief I so desperately sought.

The darkness seemed to follow my every move, vile creatures of depression tried to block my path, but the OnStar fearlessly led my Traverse onward to the place of promise.  Then in the distance, ever so faintly, a lavendar set of words began to glow, beckoning me toward them, and calling my name with soft caressing whispers:  “Massage Envy…Bess…Massage Envy is here…” 

The Traverse pulled to a stop and in agonizing pain, I clawed the doorhandle and forced my body to the sidewalk. I nearly crawled and groped my way to the entrance of this so-called temple.  There, sweet music and angelic faces greeted me, pulling me inside. I began to feel a soft tingling as I was magically transported to a meditation chamber, where healing hands stroked away the darkness, the pain, the frustration… A soothing vibe swept across my body, allowing my senses to return.

So it was true, the legend…there is a place of renewal, where one can drink from the fountain of youth. I awoke from the trance feeling revived, refreshed and ready to go again.

As proof that such a mythical place exists, I offer this video:

If you want to Traverse to this place of legend yourself, be sure to use this  for your journey. Safe travels, my friend.