March 16th

Navigating with OnStar

posted by Meghann Anderson , March 16 at 3:40pm  

The FedEx man and I have a terrible history of missing each other during the day. He’ll try to deliver a package while I am at work and I’ll come home to a lovely notice on my door – like this one – that instructs me where I can collect my package before another failed attempt is made.

Sadly, my local FedEx depot isn’t very ‘local’. In fact it’s clear across town and requires lots of little back roads to get to. I’ve made the trip to the depot before and trust me; it wasn’t a pleasant one. I took a wrong turn and ended up no where near where I wanted to be.

Since I knew the journey would be a confusing one, I figured it was a good enough time as any to test out the OnStar navigation system that came as a 30-Day trial with my Chevy Traverse.

OnStar feels safer than most GPS naviations systems because it is completely hands free. All I need is to press this handy button on my steering wheel or on the rear view mirror and I am automatically connected over my speaker system.

As soon as I hopped in the car this afternoon, I pressed the button and was connected to a personal navigator assistant to which I read the address from my FedEx door tag to and within minutes was told my destination was 17 miles or 25 minutes away.

The directions were the uploaded into my navigation system on the car and the turn by turn directions were provided straight from my speakers as well as on my radio system.

The best part was I had no excuse not to pay attention to the directions because each time a new turn was given, the system would automatically turn my music down and make me listen.

I made it the FedEx office with no problems and even used the OnStar navigation system again to return me to civilazation. I had to pick a co-worker up from the airport and even though I had no address for the airport my personal navigation assistant was still able to route me there without a problem.

The navigation system is just one of the many cool features OnStar has to offer. To learn more check out OnStar’s site by clicking here.

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