March 17th

Tailgating Out of the Traverse

posted by Caitlin Boyle , March 17 at 9:54am  

My family and I are so active; we need a vehicle that can keep up with us!  This past Sunday, I raced in my first Olympic Triathlon.   My Husband woke up extra early to come with me to the event.

It was completely dark out until right before the race start, so I flipped on all the Chevy’s lights to unload my gear out of the back.  So  much stuff fits in the Traverse!  I had a bike and all my clothes back there with room to spare (trust me, you have a lot of costume changes for a triathlon).

And then it was time to race! I was pretty nervous because I am afraid of open water, but I figure the only way to get over my phobia is to get in the water!

The event went really well, as you can see in this video:

Well, I did suffer a minor bike crash, but I popped right back up! I feel fine.  :)

After the triathlon, I invited a bunch of family members and friends to the park to tailgate out of the Traverse.  My husband and I are big football fans and do a lot of tailgating for Miami Hurricane games.  Cargo room is a necessity when you’re hauling a cooler, grill, tent, and games!  And one of the amenities of the Traverse that I really love is the automatically opening and closing trunk.  It is so helpful when your arms are full of stuff.

It was a fabulous post-race lunch!

We played fun tailgate games, such as cornhole.  Can you believe we managed to fit all this stuff in the back of the Traverse?! And we had room to spare.

After we said our goodbyes to our family, the Husband and I crawled back into the Traverse and drove home.  Yet ANOTHER thing I love about the Traverse is that the driver and passenger can each control their own heat/air conditioner to different settings.  I flipped on the heated seat function to help keep  my bum toasty.  I think I was still chilled from that cold lake water!  :)

All in all – an excellent race, an excellent party, and an excellent vehicle!