March 17th

Traversing for a Cause

posted by Bess Auer , March 17 at 4:22pm  
Like most women, my day is packed from morn until night. I hit the ground rolling before 7 a.m. to get to school, teach until 3 p.m., then I’m off to work on my website: The Central Florida Top 5.  
This past week was no exception, when I had to stop by the American Lung Association of Florida, a nonprofit my website has teamed up with. For those that don’t know, I lost my brother not too long ago to a viral disease that shut down his lungs, and so I am extremely passionate about gaining support for healthy lungs. So it is with pride that I help spread word about the ALAF.  

And, after school and the ALAF, my day still was not finished. I had the next “cause” to get to…my yard!  So off to Lowes to see how much mulch a Traverse can hold!  8 bags easily!

That's a lot of mulch!

Fortunately my hubby was home to unload. And so while he spread the mulch, I relaxed in a chair, checking out my Chevy Traverse thinking just how handy it is turning out to be! 

Thanks, Southern Chevy Dealers!

P.S.  Remember, you can test drive a Chevy and get a FREE one hour massage…what a fabulous way to spend an afternoon!