March 20th

Traversing the Art Festival

posted by Bess Auer , March 20 at 2:58pm  

I was so excited to drive to one of most anticipated events of the year: The 51st Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.  For those who don’t know, Winter Park is more like a quaint European village, rather than a suburb just 25 miles from Disney.  Growing up here, I spent many a day shopping the charming boutiques on Park Avenue, and running beside the train track along Central Park. And every spring, the Sidewalk Art Festival would be first sign of Spring for us locals. One of the largest and most prestigious outdoor art festivals in the country, some of my favorite childhood memories came from this event.

So, I decided to ask my good friend Suzanne to “traverse” to the festival with me this year. Suzanne and I go waaaaay back; her father and my mother grew up together, and Suzanne and I were even christened at the same time. Talk about lifelong friends! Her mother used to be very involved with the foundation that presents the art show each year and Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable about art, so she’s the perfect tour guide!

By the way, she loved my Traverse!  She liked its size best, being an 8-seater but not much bigger than her Toyota.  The rear cam that came popping up in my rear view mirror as I tried to park was a big hit, too!  (If you’ve never tried to park at a festival attended by 350,000 people, then you cannot imagine how valuable mirrors and a rear cam are!)

We spent an hour or so roaming the festival, Suzanne visiting several of her favorite artists and me taking in the atmosphere. We even found Park Maitland School’s  display (where Suzanne and I both went to elementary and where I currently teach!) before trying on hats and belts.  And, we bought a few things and then headed to lunch at Park Plaza Gardens, a chique restaurant attached to the Park Plaza, a European themed hotel. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. (Special thanks to the Chevy dealers for buying our yummy lunch of calamari, Caesar salad, and a turkey brie croissant!)

Enjoy this video of our excursion:

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