March 25th

He said I did what?!

posted by Bess Auer , March 25 at 4:47pm  

No, I didn’t resent Jack Aldinger too much when he appeared on my doorstep Tuesday evening to take my Chevy Traverse back to the Van Gannaway Dealership. And don’t believe it when he tells you I ran like a screaming toddler when he extended his hand for the car keys.  And he’s not serious when he tells you he had to chase me four times around the car (it was only three) and his knee wasn’t really bleeding all that badly from when I may or may not have kicked him.

Lies. It’s all lies.

I just knew he couldn’t really be there to take away the newest love of my life! Cross-over SUV indeed…try cross-0ver my heart! With all that cargo space, spacious seating, new car smell!  The 30 stations on the radio (satellite, FM, AM) and the iPod plug in…no, he wasn’t really going to pry it from my possession, was he?

He told me the Traverse was already sold to somebody else, but I think it was just a ploy to get me to crawl out from under the car…they couldn’t have sold MY Traverse, could they? And, I swear I’m telling the truth when I say his face didn’t really turn all that red when I swallowed the ignition key.

However, there may be some small bit of truth to the fact that I may have tried to bite him when he produced a second key. (He does bare some tooth marks…evidence is evidence after all.) But, what can you expect when you mess with a woman’s car?

So, while I may admit some misdoings or ill-appropriate behavior, I adamantly deny chasing him driving down the street for three blocks screaming, “Thief! Thief!”  (I’m pretty sure it was only a block or two.)  But, believe me, Mr. Aldinger… I saw the beady whites of your eyes in the rearview mirror…and I know where you work!

And speaking of reaview mirrors, how will I ever live without my Rear Camera?

Note:Thank you, Southern Chevy Dealers, Van Gannaway Dealership, and General Motors for a wonderful month! And, thank you, Jack, for coming out to pick up the Traverse from my house… I really enjoyed meeting you!