May 9th

A Day in the Life of a Chevy Girl on the Go

posted by Meghann Anderson , May 9 at 9:12pm  

There’s a reason they refer to us as the ‘Chevy Girls on the Go;’ it’s because we are quite literally always on the go! From playing the role of soccer mom, fur mom, full time worker, athlete, marathoner, writer, girlfriend, best friend, etc. I think we’ve got it all covered!

The role of couch potato? I’m afraid that’s not in the cards. Free time? What’s that?!?!

We are the heart and soul of the Central Florida area and because of that we all need cars that can keep up with us!

The other month the Chevy Girls on the Go had the pleasure of test driving the Chevy Traverse. This time around it’s all about the Chevy Malibu.

She’s a beauty isn’t she?

Now the question is can the Malibu keep up with a Chevy Girl on the Go?

Come along with me on a typical Saturday to find out!