May 24th

Chevy Malibu’s XM Radio

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 24 at 8:10am  

Music is so very important to me. It lifts me when I am down, puts me in a good mood or calms me when turmoil is all around. I like all types of music and so does my family. Funny thing is we all have very different tastes and this is where XM Radio comes into play in our lives.

With XM Radio we have 6 pages of favorite stations that we can set, so each person of my family got their own page of buttons to program. My Teen, well my teens music was ear splitting and we can only really tolerate it for so long, so sadly he does not get much air time :) My tween picked a few pop stations and Radio Disney. For my toddler we programmed Radio Disney as well as another kids station. My husband and I just added the stations we like to our pages and now when we travel we have a little something on tap for everyone in the car.


Now, I know that those stations all have an array of music that we can listen to when we want, but there is something else about the radio in the Chevy Malibu that I am loving! That would be the fact that it has an iPod jack so I can really listen to not only the type of music I like but the actual songs that I like and have put on my iPod. The music situation in the car can’t get any better than that!

The awesome radio in the Chevy Malibu is but one feature that I love but there are many more.

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