May 28th

Superman Loves My Malibu! (I think)

posted by Bess Auer , May 28 at 6:44pm  

So I was pampering myself with a pedicure on Tuesday, when the salon door opened and in walked a very tall individual. His presence caught my eye, and I suddenly realized Superman (A.K.A. NBA All Star Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic) had just walked in! Of course, the first thing I did was tweet about it:

CentralFLTop5: OMG! #DwightHoward just walked in where I am getting a pedicure!

The next thing I did was regret the fact that my feet were all soaped up in a tub with a little lady scrubbing my toes, so I was foiled at getting an actual picture as proof! ¬†Besides, I had to play it cool and not call out like a stalker that he was my absolute all time favorite player. I also had to pretend like I wasn’t totally staring at him!

I heard him politely asked if they had time for him, but it turns out he wanted a specific nail tech who wasn’t working that day, so I felt my excitement drop like a deflated basketball as he turned to leave.

Ugh! My chance to brush elbows (or should I say pedicures) with fame ended almost as quickly as it began…or so I thought! Because as he exited the store, he came face to face with my Chevy Malibu, parked in the front row. I noticed he stopped dead in his tracks as if he was totally mesmerized by my ride!

In fact, I excitedly tweeted:

CentralFLTop5: Yep, I’m pretty sure #DwightHoward is checking out my Chevy Malibu parked out front!

I am sure he was coveting the Black Granite Metallic as it shined brighter than the sparkly nail polish I had picked out. I bet he was wondering if I could really start the car and get the the AC going from where I was sitting in the salon. (I could… the remote start rocks!) ¬†He was probably also pondering if it really gets that great of gas mileage. (It does… it feels like way more than the advertised 33 mpg highway!)

Yep, I really think he was! Not only that, he was probably wondering if his 6 foot 11 inch frame would fit–it would!–and he would also be kept totally safe by the 6 airbags and steel cage frame. And, just so he wouldn’t have to worry about arriving at his games on time, he could always use the Chevy OnStar for the quickest routes to the Amway Arena!

Yep, I think the Chevy Malibu is the perfect choice for someone like Dwight Howard, don’t you?

And, just so you know, I also think I’m probably Dwight Howard’s good luck charm… ’cause after his brush with me, the Magic won the very next day, breaking their 3-game losing streak!

Yep, I believe in Magic, AND the power of the Chevy Malibu!