May 30th

Malibu vs. Reality

posted by Bess Auer , May 30 at 7:56pm  

Malibu: I lounge in a plush chair; cool air lightly fans my face. The aroma of Starbucks wafts up as Norah Jones softly serenades me with “Don’t Know Why.”

Reality: I am stuck in a back up of cars on a country road and it is already 86 degrees at 7 o’clock in the morning.

Malibu: I recline my chair a bit to relax as I switch the XM to hear the latest headlines.  I roll the windows up to surround myself with privacy.

Reality: A rooster crows incessantly as kids play tag around the still-stuck-at-standstill car.

Malibu: I plug in my iPad to check my email and surf the Internet for a local place to get a massage, further increasing my relaxation.

Reality: The line of cars is still not moving.

Malibu: I call my personal assistant and have her give me directions to the closest Massage Envy

Reality: Chevy OnStar sends the information straight to my radio to give turn-by-turn navigation.

Malibu: I arrive in luxurious style and my personal masseuse is awaiting me.

Reality: Massage Envy gives great massages!

Malibu: My chariot awaits as my masseuse sees me out.

Reality: You can get a massage from my personal masseuse, too, just by test-driving any Chevy.

Lesson learned: A Malibu and a massage can become your reality, too!