June 8th

I’m EmPowered Chevy “Girl on the Go!”

posted by Kiran Srivastava , June 8 at 3:04pm  

How 4 weeks just cruises by, it amazes me. My Chevy Malibu is no longer with me *teary-eye* Cat-fights with hubby for the driver seat resumed as usual. I am missing the comfy leather seats, and hubby misses:

… the fact that Malibu handbrake is not between us.. ;)

You can chuckle.

Anyways, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Malibu features that I’ve featured in my previous video entries:

Many of my friends were amazed at the cargo size that Malibu offers as a Sedan. Unfortunately, they are a little too shy to appear on the video :D So, before I bid adieu to my Girlfriend Getaway Chevy review post, here is my final take on Malibu’s empowering capabilities:


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