July 6th

Britt Reints

posted by BReintsChevy , July 6 at 5:14pm  

Britt Reints has been blogging at Miss-Britt.com since 2005.  Offline, she has a fancy title that includes words like “VP” and “marketing” – which essentially means she sells stuff.  Online, she’s entirely too open about her personal life and has embraced the motto, “Dignity is Overrated.” She also likes to talk about the things women buy.  She neglects to tell any of this to her editors at her paid writing gigs, where she portrays a very responsible working mother and a travel expert.

In her personal life, Britt is a mother to a 10 year-old son and 5 year-old daughter.  She lives with her family in Central Florida, miles and miles away from babysitters and grandparents back in Iowa.

She thinks talking about yourself in the third person is almost as cool as referring to yourself as The Royal We.