July 23rd

This Camaro Tweets?

posted by Bess Auer , July 23 at 8:16pm  

July marked the one year anniversary of my website, The Central Florida Top 5.  To celebrate, I decided to throw a Tweet Up, which is a face-to-face meet up of people who interact on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.  I had 50 people RSVP for my Central Florida Tweet Up at Eden Bar at the legendary Enzian Theater in Maitland, so this was good, but also meant a lot of pre-planning on my part!

The day of the Tweet Up came, and I had lots of running around to do, and thankfully the Chevy Camaro was up for it!  Here’s my list of that day’s errands:

  • First to an 8:30 am orthodontist appointment for my son to get his braces off (Yay!)
  • Then to Office Depot for name tags and markers (First store was out, so on to the second Office Depot via directions from OnStar)
  • To Park Maitland School (where I teach) to borrow some audio visual equipment for the Tweet Up. (The maintenance guys LOVED my Camaro!)

The guys checking out the Camaro.

  • Back to the orthodontist for a 2:30 pm appointment for my son to get his retainer (Boo!)
  • Then pick up two more teenagers to drop off at swim practice in Oviedo
  • Off to the mall to get Visa gift cards for raffle items
  • Off to Jason’s Deli for a raffle
  • Then to Einstein’s Bagels for a raffle gift card
  • Then to Barnes & Noble for a raffle gift card
  • Finally home to get ready for the BIG night!

And you would think after all this driving, I would be getting low on gas, but I was totally good! In fact, the Camaro, despite its sportiness and awesome engine revving of 304 horse power, it gets an estimated 29 miles per gallon (highway).

The only complaint I have about the Camaro is it is not a true carpool car. The backseat becomes less accessible and comfortable the older the kids I’m toting get.  However, my “cool mom” factor went WAY up when my son’s friends saw the Camaro!

So, back to my big night…I drove to the Enzian that night, where they reserved Rock Star parking for my Camaro, right up front where all the guests would see it.

Rock star parking in front of Dafoodie, who always gets rock star parking for his cute Smartie!

In fact, earlier that day I had tweeted that the Camaro would be on display, and here was the response I got (which by the time it was retweeted a few times, went out to a few thousand people!):

EdenBar:  YES! @KLister & @KWayland RT @CentralFLTop5: The Chevy Camaro will be on display today at @edenbar during the Tweet UP”

To make it even better, fellow “Girl on the Go!” Kimberly Taylor from the Pulse of Central Florida was also given Rock Star parking right in front of mine, so guests at the Tweet Up got a double whammy of Camaro goodness!

The Tweet Up was a solid success with the following tweeters in attendance. (Yeah, we used a “billboard” sign in so it was easy to see who was there.)

Check out the names!

If you add up all the followers of those in attendance, we reached an audience of over 76,000 people! (And, that’s the power of social media!) You can see the full list of attendees at my Top 5 blog.

Throughout the night, guests asked to get a tour of the Camaro, which I gladly showed off…Jeanette from J’s Everyday Fashion and her husband were especially interested. (Jeanette had a Camaro when she was younger!)  And Colleen Burns from Yelp even asked to sit in the driver’s seat…fun!  But, the biggest question I always get is, “How fast does it go?”

My answer?  Just a sly smile…


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