August 5th

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

posted by JRivelliChevy , August 5 at 2:20pm  

The moment has come…. 1400 miles and a month later… and tonight I must say goodbye to the Chevy Camaro I’ve come to love. Liz and I will be returning our cars to Stingray Chevrolet tonight at our Working Women of Tampa Bay event at the dealership. I have to say… I am crushed. I’ve had some great memories in the car. From going to the Rays Game, to visiting Liz at Tradewinds, stopping by Castriota Chevrolet (where I bought my first car) and traveling to Massage Envy for my free massage. It’s been at absolute blast.

I'll miss you!

As I prepare to say goodbye… I’ve come up with a Top 1o list of reasons why the Chevy Camaro is the perfect car for me!

#10 – My Iphone plugs right into the USB port in the console

#9 – XM satellite radio set continuously on the 80’s channel

#8 – Truck space easily fits all of my WWOTB gear

#7 – OnStar gets me where I am going safely with just a touch of a button and help from a real live human being

#6 – Bluetooth keeps my hands on the wheel when making business calls from my cell phone

#5 – Heads up display keeps my eyes on the road and not on the radio or speedometer

#4 – It drives like a dream and races off the line with it’s powerful V6 engine capable of 312 horsepower

#3 – It recently won World Car Design of the Year for 2010

#2 – The remote start keeps me cool especially when driving to business appointments

#1 – I look DAMN good in it!

But alas, parting is such sweet sorrow. I plan on listening to It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye by Boys II Men on my way to the dealership tonight. Hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it, Liz and I are attending two other Test Driving events next week. Come join us and see why giving up the Camaro is going to send me into a deep depression.

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By the way – thanks for reading!