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Blogs Featuring The Chevy Malibu

June 8th

I’m EmPowered Chevy “Girl on the Go!”

posted by Kiran Srivastava , June 8 at 3:04pm  

How 4 weeks just cruises by, it amazes me. My Chevy Malibu is no longer with me *teary-eye* Cat-fights with hubby for the driver seat resumed as usual. I am missing the comfy leather seats, and hubby misses:
… the fact that Malibu handbrake is not between us..
You can chuckle.
Anyways, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Malibu features that I’ve featured …continue reading »

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June 2nd


posted by Meghann Anderson , June 2 at 6:34pm  

My favorite feature of the Chevy Malibu is BLUETOOTH hands down.
Not only is it a great feature for never missing a call while driving, but it also makes me feel like a safer driver!
Take a look for yourself!

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May 30th

Malibu vs. Reality

posted by Bess Auer , May 30 at 7:56pm  

Malibu: I lounge in a plush chair; cool air lightly fans my face. The aroma of Starbucks wafts up as Norah Jones softly serenades me with “Don’t Know Why.”
Reality: I am stuck in a back up of cars on a country road and it is already 86 degrees at 7 o’clock in the morning.
Malibu: I recline my chair a bit to relax as I …continue reading »

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May 30th

Malibu Goes For A Massage

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 30 at 9:03am  

Well, the Malibu just provided the transportation to Massage Envy so my best friend and I could get a much needed massage and wipe our stress away!
For my third mission I was to take a girlfriend for a pampering massage, so I decided to make a day out of spending time with my best friend who I have just moved closer to. I am …continue reading »

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May 28th

Superman Loves My Malibu! (I think)

posted by Bess Auer , May 28 at 6:44pm  

So I was pampering myself with a pedicure on Tuesday, when the salon door opened and in walked a very tall individual. His presence caught my eye, and I suddenly realized Superman (A.K.A. NBA All Star Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic) had just walked in! Of course, the first thing I did was tweet about it:
CentralFLTop5: OMG! #DwightHoward just walked in where I …continue reading »

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May 28th

Tranquility & pampering

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 28 at 10:55am  

My girlfriend Niti and I had a tranquil massage this morning at Massage Envy, courtesy of Southern Chevy dealers It was a blissful pampering session. After the massage we grabbed some breakfast and discussed the massage and Malibu experience. So girly, I know Niti had some remarks about the Chevy Malibu:
For a Sedan, Malibu is so spacious. Air conditioner is …continue reading »

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May 27th


posted by Meghann Anderson , May 27 at 10:03pm  

My friend Julie and I were spoiled this evening with a FREE massage at Massage Envy thanks to the Southern Chevy Dealers.
Right now you can test drive any new Chevy at your local Southern Chevy Dealer and receive a free massage! Who doesn’t love getting a free massage?
My advice? Schedule your massage in the middle of the week for a mid-week treat. There is …continue reading »

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May 24th

Chevy Malibu’s XM Radio

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 24 at 8:10am  

Music is so very important to me. It lifts me when I am down, puts me in a good mood or calms me when turmoil is all around. I like all types of music and so does my family. Funny thing is we all have very different tastes and this is where XM Radio comes into play in our lives.
With XM Radio we have …continue reading »

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May 23rd

Meghann’s Musical Sing-A-Long

posted by Meghann Anderson , May 23 at 9:02pm  

Because isn’t driving just an excuse to turn up the radio and belt it out anyways?!?!
Of course who needs the radio when you have an iPad full of Disney and Broadway musicals, right?

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May 23rd

To the Tri and Beyond!

posted by Bess Auer , May 23 at 7:38pm  

Our Sunday morning started early with the Baldwin Park Triathlon, where my husband and his swim team were competing. A triathlon not only means an early morning, but it also means lots and lots of gear! So, we put the Chevy Malibu to the test by cramming it with the following:

1 bike
1 air pump
2 towels
1 set of biking shoes
1 set of running shoes
1 bag …continue reading »

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