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Blogs Featuring The Chevy Malibu

May 21st

Dancing Malibu – Caught on Film!

posted by Bess Auer , May 21 at 10:07pm  

One of the coolest things about the Chevy Malibu is the ease of which I can hook up my own soundtrack. The iPod jack allows me to control the music. (Yeah, they sometimes call me DJ Mommy, but it’s all good!) 
The radio system itself comes in handy, as I have 36 pre-set stations at the touch of a fingertip…surely my family can agree on at least …continue reading »

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May 21st

Chevy Malibu’s Epic iPod Dock

posted by Caitlin Boyle , May 21 at 12:12pm  

Long gone are the days where you have to burn CDs before a car ride.  Never again will you have to frantically scan the FM radio stations to find something… ANYTHING!… to listen to.  Now, all you need is your iPhone or iPod, which plugs right into a dock on the console of the Chevy Malibu.
Prepare of loads of silly fun!
This is the best …continue reading »

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May 20th

Experiencing XM Radio!

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 20 at 4:44pm  

Listen.. We aren’t into gadgetry people. Except for laptop and cameras, we are still not drawn towards Ipods, Iphones, etc. Don’t get me wrong. We love music. The ol’ cassette, CD and radio station. It was a blast to be acquainted with XM Radio in the Chevy Malibu! There are many music genres to choose from, my personal favorite has to be POP music …continue reading »

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May 19th

Spring Awakening and XM Radio

posted by Caitlin Boyle , May 19 at 11:56am  

Last night, the Husband and I took our Chevy Malibu out for a night on the town!

When went to see the hottest Broadway play EVER, Spring Awakening.  It’s in Orlando until May 23 and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.  I positively loved it.  The soundtrack and message is great.  For a more thorough review of the play, check out my blog.
On the …continue reading »

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May 18th

Junk in the Trunk

posted by Meghann Anderson , May 18 at 10:10pm  

Any guesses what I’m doing this weekend?
I’ll give you a hint – run, bike, swim.
That’s right – I’m participating in my second sprint triathlon! I’m a little nervous, but I know once I hear that whistle blow all of those nerves will disappear and the racing rush will take over. I can’t wait!
As a triathlete having a car with a little ‘junk in the …continue reading »

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May 16th

Groceries and the Malibu

posted by Meghann Anderson , May 16 at 9:53pm  

Don’t let the single person household fool you. I like to eat and I eat a lot.
In fact, I eat about 80% of my meals at home each week. This translates to a BIG trip to Publix each and every Sunday. It’s my soothing ritual. I love food. I love to buy it, I love to cook it, I love to eat it, I …continue reading »

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May 16th

Trunk load of groceries!

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 16 at 5:52pm  

Mission grocery usually takes place on the day when I have to run errands such as post office, banking etc. You know, the normal homemaker drift So how do I ensure that my produce stays fresh and cool while simultaneously running gazillion errands before I reach home? Introducing… my infamous “Coleman cooler” to the rescue!

The day normally begins by giving …continue reading »

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May 16th

Chevy Malibu Saves the Day!

posted by Bess Auer , May 16 at 10:36am  

For our household, the grocery store is a frequent stop as we eat lots of fresh veggies. (I’m not a great cook, but I can cut up a mean cucumber!)  So, our grocery store visits result in a smaller amount of groceries due to the frequency that we go.  However, there is one particular visit that results in a huge amount of cargo:  the Pet …continue reading »

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May 15th

Junk in My Trunk

posted by Caitlin Boyle , May 15 at 6:19pm  

The Husband and I took the Chevy Malibu on a normal, everyday errand:  grocery shopping!  Grocery shopping is always a big deal for us, because we usually make two stops:  one at our normal store and a second at Costco for bulk items.  As a result, we never take my two-door car because the trunk is too small.
However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover …continue reading »

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May 12th

Remote Start

posted by Caitlin Boyle , May 12 at 3:51pm  

One of my favorite things about the Chevy Malibu?  It’s an intuitive car.  There’s no guessing, “Where’s this button?” or “How do I do this?”  Everything is exactly where you would expect it to be – the seat warmers, for example, are on the side of the seat, within easy reach of the person in the chair.  I LOVE well-designed vehicles.
Another tiny feature that …continue reading »

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