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Saturday, August 13, 2011

July 30th

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

posted by JRivelliChevy , July 30 at 11:16am  

There’s no doubt in my mind at this point that driving the Chevy Camaro is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my life. Having this opportunity to test it out, share my experiences and get my fellow members of Working Women of Tampa Bay involved has been a blast. The only thing missing would be planning a Girls Getaway road trip! I …continue reading »

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July 29th

Tampa Bought a Camaro!!!!

posted by LGoldChevy , July 29 at 11:38am  

The following is a blog written by Diane! A Working Women of Tampa Bay member and friend to both Jessica and Liz! She’s been following the girlfriend getaway blogs in Tampa and finally decided to take the Camaro plunge… again!
Here is Diane’s story…
When the announcement came out that Chevy was going to start making the CAMARO again, my heart skipped a beat.  See, my …continue reading »

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July 29th

5 Things I Learned at the Rays’ Game Last Night

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 29 at 11:23am  

Despite the name, the Tampa Bay Rays’ mascot is neither a Sting Ray nor a Manta Ray.  It is, however, a “Ray of Sunlight.”  Does this look like a Ray of Sunlight to you?!?!
Even though ESPN ran a poorly timed story about Concession Food, I feel just fine after splurging on my once-a-year hot dog. Thank you very much.
The Camaro’s awesome “Rear Parking Assist” …continue reading »

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July 28th

Style and Safety

posted by LGoldChevy , July 28 at 11:37am  

Two key reasons why I feel safe in the Camaro…
1. STYLE: First, is the overall body and style. Other drivers really take notice of this vehicle. It’s the whole, “I would hate to run into that car” mentality. It gets lots of attention and stands out especially in the colors its offered versus a traditional 4 door sedan, SUV or truck which is what …continue reading »

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July 27th

Camaro: Love or Lust?

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 27 at 9:59am  

Stick with me, here. I swear this post isn’t a romance novel.
We’ve been driving our Camaros for almost three weeks now, and after spending a couple days out of town this past weekend and driving a rental car, I couldn’t wait to get back in the Chevy. That got me thinking about why I’ve loved driving this car so much. What makes …continue reading »

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July 25th

More than Once Around the Track!

posted by Bess Auer , July 25 at 9:38pm  

When we were asked to go on a “mission” to visit the Daytona 500 Experience, I was excited because NASCAR is right up there in my hubby’s interests. And, apparently car racing goes pretty far back in my family, too, as witnessed by this picture from my grandmother’s photo album:
I was fortunate to marry into an interesting family; you see my father-in-law used to …continue reading »

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July 25th

Return Of The Mack

posted by JRivelliChevy , July 25 at 9:26pm  

I spent Saturday at Castriota Chevrolet in Hudson. The dealership put together a great event tied to the Girlfriend Getaway Florida. They even created a test track in the back so the girls could easily climb inside the Camaro and take it for a spin. I was quite impressed with the decorations for the event. The entire showroom was filled with pink and black …continue reading »

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July 25th

Onstar VS Garmin GPS

posted by LGoldChevy , July 25 at 5:50pm  

The experiment was to see how Onstar performed vs my Garmin GPS device.  Destination was a large chain gym pretty close to my house…
I dial up Onstar and a REAL, LIVE person answers and looks up the address. Even though it took her a few moments and a conversation to get the correct location, you still feel more confident dealing with a live human …continue reading »

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July 25th

Feeling Frisky in the Camaro

posted by LGoldChevy , July 25 at 5:02pm  

Reminiscing back to the shallow single gal days when after you found out what a guy did and if he was single.. the next question was well, “What kind of car does he drive?” Soooo, why cant the same be said for a lady? Well some might say men don’t care as much about what a woman drives around in, NOT TRUE! I proved …continue reading »

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July 24th

It’s a Guy Thing…

posted by Bess Auer , July 24 at 6:43pm  

My wife had just gone down for a nap, and so what else would a guy with some extra time on his hands do? I snagged the Chevy Camaro for a loop around the city…..DUDE! That is the slickest car I’ve driven in a while!
Right when I slid into the form-fitting seats, the car spoke to me, “Drive me and be hip, my friend!” Man, …continue reading »

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