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Friday, October 7, 2011


Tag: 2010 Chevy Camaro

August 4th

Don’t be Green with Envy, Head to Massage Envy

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 4 at 4:31pm  

So, I’m not usually a ‘massage’ person. Maybe it’s the idea of strangers touching me … not sure. That’s why when the nice folks over at Massage Envy in SODO (South of Downtown) asked me what I’d be looking for in a massage therapist, I answered “not creepy.”
Someone should’ve mentioned they’d be sharing that answer with the massage therapist.
Anyway, I tried to …continue reading »

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August 3rd

Get the D/L on the DIC in 45 Seconds!

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 3 at 5:08pm  
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July 29th

5 Things I Learned at the Rays’ Game Last Night

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 29 at 11:23am  

Despite the name, the Tampa Bay Rays’ mascot is neither a Sting Ray nor a Manta Ray.  It is, however, a “Ray of Sunlight.”  Does this look like a Ray of Sunlight to you?!?!
Even though ESPN ran a poorly timed story about Concession Food, I feel just fine after splurging on my once-a-year hot dog. Thank you very much.
The Camaro’s awesome “Rear Parking Assist” …continue reading »

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July 27th

Camaro: Love or Lust?

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 27 at 9:59am  

Stick with me, here. I swear this post isn’t a romance novel.
We’ve been driving our Camaros for almost three weeks now, and after spending a couple days out of town this past weekend and driving a rental car, I couldn’t wait to get back in the Chevy. That got me thinking about why I’ve loved driving this car so much. What makes …continue reading »

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July 12th

Hard Rock Envy

posted by LGoldChevy , July 12 at 11:37am  

I loaded up the kiddies in the 2010 Chevy Camaro and made a trip to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa this weekend to see my girlfriend visiting from TN. No matter what vehicle I’m driving, parking garages always make me nervous. I feel like at any moment some other vehicle could come screaming around the corner and smash into me. Also, …continue reading »

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July 9th

Parking Lot Shame

posted by LGoldChevy , July 9 at 9:26pm  

The first place I’m getting the most questions about my 2010 Chevy Camaro is at the office. Surprisingly a lot of men are asking me, “How does it ride? Do you like the car? How did you get that ride?” One of them even said, “If I had that car I would be half way to Vegas by now!” I explain to them  how …continue reading »

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