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July 22nd

Now I Know What They Mean By “Stops Traffic”

posted by BReintsChevy , July 22 at 12:22pm  

Sometimes I forget I’m driving a bright green Camaro.  But never for long.
And it’s not because of the vroom vroom of the engine when I hit the gas, or the green accents on the interior, or even the fancy features like OnStar and XM stereo.  No, those things can easily get lost in the day to day running of errands and commuting.
And then I …continue reading »

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July 21st

The Camaro Saves the Day!

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 21 at 9:46am  

Driving the Camaro has been nothing but fun. I’m not gonna lie, sitting in traffic doesn’t even faze me anymore. But, last night gave me the greatest opportunity I’ve had since Southern Chevy Dealers so graciously loaned me this car to be a Chevy Girl on the Go: I got to help out a friend.
←See this guy? He’s my friend …continue reading »

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June 8th

I’m EmPowered Chevy “Girl on the Go!”

posted by Kiran Srivastava , June 8 at 3:04pm  

How 4 weeks just cruises by, it amazes me. My Chevy Malibu is no longer with me *teary-eye* Cat-fights with hubby for the driver seat resumed as usual. I am missing the comfy leather seats, and hubby misses:
… the fact that Malibu handbrake is not between us..
You can chuckle.
Anyways, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Malibu features that I’ve featured …continue reading »

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May 30th

Malibu Goes For A Massage

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 30 at 9:03am  

Well, the Malibu just provided the transportation to Massage Envy so my best friend and I could get a much needed massage and wipe our stress away!
For my third mission I was to take a girlfriend for a pampering massage, so I decided to make a day out of spending time with my best friend who I have just moved closer to. I am …continue reading »

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May 28th

Tranquility & pampering

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 28 at 10:55am  

My girlfriend Niti and I had a tranquil massage this morning at Massage Envy, courtesy of Southern Chevy dealers It was a blissful pampering session. After the massage we grabbed some breakfast and discussed the massage and Malibu experience. So girly, I know

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May 24th

Chevy Malibu’s XM Radio

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 24 at 8:10am  

Music is so very important to me. It lifts me when I am down, puts me in a good mood or calms me when turmoil is all around. I like all types of music and so does my family. Funny thing is we all have very different tastes and this is where XM Radio comes into play in our lives.
With XM Radio we have …continue reading »

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May 20th

Experiencing XM Radio!

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 20 at 4:44pm  

Listen.. We aren’t into gadgetry people. Except for laptop and cameras, we are still not drawn towards Ipods, Iphones, etc. Don’t get me wrong. We love music. The ol’ cassette, CD and radio station. It was a blast to be acquainted with XM Radio in the Chevy Malibu! There are many music genres to choose from, my personal favorite has to be POP music …continue reading »

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May 16th

Trunk load of groceries!

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 16 at 5:52pm  

Mission grocery usually takes place on the day when I have to run errands such as post office, banking etc. You know, the normal homemaker drift So how do I ensure that my produce stays fresh and cool while simultaneously running gazillion errands before I reach home? Introducing… my infamous “Coleman cooler” to the rescue!

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May 9th

“Girls on the Go” newbie

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 9 at 10:21pm  

Hello y’all!
I am Kiran, the latest addition into Chevy “Girls on the Go” family! I am a 31 year old homemaker with a penchant for traveling, blogging and photography. I blog at Chatterbox almost frequently since traveling takes most of my time. Some of you might be aware of my self-taught photo-blogging skills. As the newest addition into the “Girls on the Go” family, …continue reading »

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May 9th

Chevy Girlfriend Getaway | Chevy Malibu

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 9 at 6:12pm  

I got the exciting news that I would be participating in the 2010 Chevy Malibu Girls On The Go campaign and I was over the moon. I loved the Traverse and was very excited to test drive the Malibu to get back into a car after all the years of driving a van or SUV. My day started out really fun. We met again …continue reading »

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