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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tag: Massage Envy

August 4th

Don’t be Green with Envy, Head to Massage Envy

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 4 at 4:31pm  

So, I’m not usually a ‘massage’ person. Maybe it’s the idea of strangers touching me … not sure. That’s why when the nice folks over at Massage Envy in SODO (South of Downtown) asked me what I’d be looking for in a massage therapist, I answered “not creepy.”
Someone should’ve mentioned they’d be sharing that answer with the massage therapist.
Anyway, I tried to …continue reading »

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May 30th

Malibu Goes For A Massage

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 30 at 9:03am  

Well, the Malibu just provided the transportation to Massage Envy so my best friend and I could get a much needed massage and wipe our stress away!
For my third mission I was to take a girlfriend for a pampering massage, so I decided to make a day out of spending time with my best friend who I have just moved closer to. I am …continue reading »

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May 28th

Tranquility & pampering

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 28 at 10:55am  

My girlfriend Niti and I had a tranquil massage this morning at Massage Envy, courtesy of Southern Chevy dealers It was a blissful pampering session. After the massage we grabbed some breakfast and discussed the massage and Malibu experience. So girly, I know

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May 9th

“Girls on the Go” newbie

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 9 at 10:21pm  

Hello y’all!
I am Kiran, the latest addition into Chevy “Girls on the Go” family! I am a 31 year old homemaker with a penchant for traveling, blogging and photography. I blog at Chatterbox almost frequently since traveling takes most of my time. Some of you might be aware of my self-taught photo-blogging skills. As the newest addition into the “Girls on the Go” family, …continue reading »

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March 10th

Chevy Girlfriend Getaway Mission Two

posted by Jennifer Leet , March 10 at 9:12am  

Yesterday I accepted the mission from Girlfriend Getaway to go and relax and enjoy an hour long massage at our local Massage Envy. OH. MY. GOSH. I have to admit that it was my first professional massage, but it will not be my last. I decided to take my other sister to this as she is my best friend, we have been through a …continue reading »

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