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July 8th

The True Power of a Camaro: Girl Power!

posted by Bess Auer , July 8 at 10:12pm  

Yep, they were checking me out.
The one biker actually stopped his buddy and pointed at me as I drove by. Their heads nodded approvingly as I cruised down the pavement past their appreciative expressions. (I felt my face flush in a way it hadn’t in several years!)
Okay, okay, so they actually couldn’t see ME as the person driving the car (tinted windows) but I …continue reading »

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May 30th

Malibu Goes For A Massage

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 30 at 9:03am  

Well, the Malibu just provided the transportation to Massage Envy so my best friend and I could get a much needed massage and wipe our stress away!
For my third mission I was to take a girlfriend for a pampering massage, so I decided to make a day out of spending time with my best friend who I have just moved closer to. I am …continue reading »

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May 28th

Tranquility & pampering

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 28 at 10:55am  

My girlfriend Niti and I had a tranquil massage this morning at Massage Envy, courtesy of Southern Chevy dealers It was a blissful pampering session. After the massage we grabbed some breakfast and discussed the massage and Malibu experience. So girly, I know

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May 24th

Chevy Malibu’s XM Radio

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 24 at 8:10am  

Music is so very important to me. It lifts me when I am down, puts me in a good mood or calms me when turmoil is all around. I like all types of music and so does my family. Funny thing is we all have very different tastes and this is where XM Radio comes into play in our lives.
With XM Radio we have …continue reading »

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May 20th

Experiencing XM Radio!

posted by Kiran Srivastava , May 20 at 4:44pm  

Listen.. We aren’t into gadgetry people. Except for laptop and cameras, we are still not drawn towards Ipods, Iphones, etc. Don’t get me wrong. We love music. The ol’ cassette, CD and radio station. It was a blast to be acquainted with XM Radio in the Chevy Malibu! There are many music genres to choose from, my personal favorite has to be POP music …continue reading »

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May 9th

Chevy Girlfriend Getaway | Chevy Malibu

posted by Jennifer Leet , May 9 at 6:12pm  

I got the exciting news that I would be participating in the 2010 Chevy Malibu Girls On The Go campaign and I was over the moon. I loved the Traverse and was very excited to test drive the Malibu to get back into a car after all the years of driving a van or SUV. My day started out really fun. We met again …continue reading »

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March 24th

Chevy Traverse Goes To Universal Mardi Gras

posted by Jennifer Leet , March 24 at 2:34pm  

This past weekend we took a fun trip out to Universal Orlando for some Mardi Gras fun with the family. As we got out of the car at Valet parking I was immediately asked what kind of car it was by a man walking by. I proudly told him that it was a Traverse and after talking for a few minutes my son called …continue reading »

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March 10th

Chevy Girlfriend Getaway Mission Two

posted by Jennifer Leet , March 10 at 9:12am  

Yesterday I accepted the mission from Girlfriend Getaway to go and relax and enjoy an hour long massage at our local Massage Envy. OH. MY. GOSH. I have to admit that it was my first professional massage, but it will not be my last. I decided to take my other sister to this as she is my best friend, we have been through a …continue reading »

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March 6th

Chevy Girlfriend Getaway Mission One

posted by Jennifer Leet , March 6 at 2:16pm  

My first mission (fun trip) for the Girlfriend Getaway was a shopping trip to the Mall at Millenia a very awesome mall here in Orlando. I picked up my younger sister and a few friends and headed on over for a day of fun!

I picked up my little sis first and it was the first time she had seen the car and she fell …continue reading »

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February 28th

I’m A Chevy Girl On The Go

posted by Jennifer Leet , February 28 at 1:04pm  

A few mornings ago I woke up nice and early because I was so excited to begin my day. Today was the day that I went to the WESH 2 Studios to meet my fellow Girls On The Go! and of course to get the new Chevy Traverse that I will be able to drive for the next month and blog about. This is …continue reading »

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