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August 3rd

Get the D/L on the DIC in 45 Seconds!

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 3 at 5:08pm  
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August 2nd

The Need for Speed

posted by KTaylorChevy , August 2 at 3:41pm  

Admittedly, I’m not a NASCAR fan … which is probably pretty hard to believe since I was born in N.C. (NASCAR Country a.k.a. North Carolina), but I was pretty damn excited when I found out one of our missions* included a trip to the Daytona International Speedway’s Daytona 500 Experience. It just seemed like an opportunity to explore another part of Central Florida …continue reading »

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July 29th

5 Things I Learned at the Rays’ Game Last Night

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 29 at 11:23am  

Despite the name, the Tampa Bay Rays’ mascot is neither a Sting Ray nor a Manta Ray.  It is, however, a “Ray of Sunlight.”  Does this look like a Ray of Sunlight to you?!?!
Even though ESPN ran a poorly timed story about Concession Food, I feel just fine after splurging on my once-a-year hot dog. Thank you very much.
The Camaro’s awesome “Rear Parking Assist” …continue reading »

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July 27th

Camaro: Love or Lust?

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 27 at 9:59am  

Stick with me, here. I swear this post isn’t a romance novel.
We’ve been driving our Camaros for almost three weeks now, and after spending a couple days out of town this past weekend and driving a rental car, I couldn’t wait to get back in the Chevy. That got me thinking about why I’ve loved driving this car so much. What makes …continue reading »

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July 21st

The Camaro Saves the Day!

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 21 at 9:46am  

Driving the Camaro has been nothing but fun. I’m not gonna lie, sitting in traffic doesn’t even faze me anymore. But, last night gave me the greatest opportunity I’ve had since Southern Chevy Dealers so graciously loaned me this car to be a Chevy Girl on the Go: I got to help out a friend.
←See this guy? He’s my friend …continue reading »

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July 19th

Fun Features, Then and Now

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 19 at 10:12am  

When I first heard I’d be a Chevy Girl on the Go, I immediately started reminiscing about my old Camaro. See, I bought her used in the mid-90s, and let me tell you, I felt no less cool driving it then than I do driving the awesome 2010 Camaro all these years later.
Driving the 2010 Camaro has made me think about all of the …continue reading »

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July 14th

My Baby Gets a Bath

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 14 at 9:03am  

I’ve found that one of the greatest things about driving the Camaro is actually driving the Camaro. Maybe that sounds obvious to you, and you were hoping I’d point out a particular feature (more on that later; trust me, there are many brag-worthy features), but this baby moves.
I think I underestimated how much fun it is to have a car with a little …continue reading »

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July 12th

Put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play!

posted by JRivelliChevy , July 12 at 7:29pm  

I’ve heard the phrase, there’s nothing more American than Baseball, but do you remember the 197o’s commercial – “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet?” I recently watched it on YouTube and thought it was the perfect introduction to my blog about spending a Sunday afternoon watching the Rays beat the Cleveland Indians. The jingle recorded in 1974  tied for first place in Car and Driver’s …continue reading »

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July 12th

Hard Rock Envy

posted by LGoldChevy , July 12 at 11:37am  

I loaded up the kiddies in the 2010 Chevy Camaro and made a trip to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa this weekend to see my girlfriend visiting from TN. No matter what vehicle I’m driving, parking garages always make me nervous. I feel like at any moment some other vehicle could come screaming around the corner and smash into me. Also, …continue reading »

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July 12th

Need an Ego Boost? Drive a Camaro!

posted by KTaylorChevy , July 12 at 10:28am  
2010 Chevy Camaro RS

I distinctly remember the happy feeling I had a couple years ago when I drove off the lot in my first brand-new car.  Driving around felt liberating, not having to worry about whether it would break down or not.  But something was missing.
And, it wasn’t until last Thursday around noon that I figured out what that ‘something‘ was.
See, Thursday I became one of Chevy’s …continue reading »

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